March 21, 2010

Ok, so one may wonder where the concept of Ahimsa (non-violence) is when I say I feel like a dingbat when it comes to technology.

I have somehow fallen behind. Now I have some catching up to do.  The past three weeks, I have buckled down to the task of learning, of becoming techno savvy.   Putting my Electronic Newsletter together takes as much effort as moving a dump-full of discarded TVs.  For me.  all of a sudden, I find myself having to learn how to update, link, post, take down, archive, make galleries, update the website, make and add new pages, all this to put the newsletter together.  I am bewildered by it all.  Even this blog (please don’t laugh) is a huge step into a whole new field for me.  The field I would like to be in (physically) is a vast green field with the promise of harvest and the smell of sun and earth.  That is what makes my heart happy.  And yet, if I don’t dig into this new field of “technowledge” (my new word, a combination of technology and knowledge!), I fear I will fall behind forever.  It goes past the computer realm and into the new printer we just got that comes with fax, photo printing, and copying functions.  It overflows to digital cameras, stereos, circuitry systems, flat screens, and yes, alarm clocks. You should see me pushing buttons to get the DVD player/flat screen to simply view “menu” and to get the movie to “play”.  “Eject” is by far the easiest concept to grasp.

Buttons on remote controls, wires and plugs, cables and re-chargers,  i pods and cell phones (just got a new cell phone and it took me a week before I could gather the courage to take it out of its box),  blogs and face book are all great sources of befuddlement.

What happened to all of my leisurely walks in the rain or in the sunshine on a cold winter afternoon, walks along the beach at Ocean Shores, reading, petting the cat, sitting with Rick, talking?  I long for simpler days.    I am hoping to return to those simpler days once I get this new “technowledge” under my belt.


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