Ruby and Sammi!

Don’t know if you know this, but I am a dog LOVER at heart.  Fifteen and  a half years ago, Rick somehow talked me into getting a cat and I have grown to love our cat, Little Bear (even if I am slightly allergic to him and he only comes to me on his own terms, like when he wants to be fed or let out).  I love all animals, but, dogs are at the top of my list.  Dogs are most affectionate, loving and fun to be around.

These are my two little buddies, Ruby and Sammi.  I am very lucky because I get to see them and get my doggy-time with them every Tuesday and Thursday when I go over to Linda and Ron’s for yoga.  Are they adorable or what?

They are the luckiest dogs because they have Ron and Linda as parents.

Ruby is a beautiful cockapoo who has an endearing way of tilting her head when you talk to her as if she is really trying to understand you:

She loves to lick faces (and feet!) and is almost obsessive about it.  She loves to sneak up on me when I am demonstrating a pose where I my face is within her reach and unprotected from her tongue, such as downward facing dog.  Today, she really got Linda as Linda was coming out of fish pose (matsyasana):

The yoga sessions with Linda and Ron are precious because we have Ruby and Sammi to remind us to breathe, to laugh, to relax, and to be expressive. alert, and happy!  They teach us that life is simply beautiful.   Ruby and Sammi are the true yogis and we learn from them. No class is ever boring with these furry guys around.

The dogs really look forward to our yoga time.  As soon as I step into the house, Ruby runs around in circles and then makes straight for the yoga room where our mats and props are already set out.  There is just one problem:  our OM’s at the end of the sessions drive Ruby crazy….  and, well, Sammi is lucky enough NOT to hear our OM’s.

You see, whereas Ruby is big sis and has been a part of the household for about 5 years or so, Sammi is a new addition.  He is a rescue dog.  He is the Hellen Keller of dogs.  Yes, he is deaf and blind.  And yet, he is very playful and incredibly well adjusted, brave, trusting, and loving.  He walks about slowly with his little dainty feet, and he feels walls, steps,  and obstructive boundaries with the fluff on his head.  He is a poodle and he has a very useful POOF at the top of his head.  Initially, Linda and Ron suspected that he was old, but it may be that Sammi is not so old and that he was born this way. We will never know..  He lives by his sense of smell.  Really, that is mostly all he has.  He also has vibrations and sensations which he feels through his body.    When I walk into the house, I can see his little nose move and his short stub of a tail begins to wag.  Yoga-time, he knows!  His favorite thing to do during the yoga session, is first to figure out where Linda’s head is in relation to the posture (asana) she is in.  Then he likes to lean into her.  After a while, he scratches at one of the gray yoga blankets until he forms a “nest” for himself and then he falls asleep, his gray hair merging with the gray of the blanket:

One day we took the dogs for a walk after our yoga session.  I offered to walk Sammi on his leash.  I was amazed at how he trusted me and walked, sniffing his way along.  I can’t even imagine what his reality is like, but I keep thinking that he is extraordinary.  That day, I kind of let my attention stray from guiding him and suddenly, he banged his head into a pole.  And I was holding his leash, leading him, and he was TRUSTING ME to steer him clear of danger! He was ok,  though the noise of his running into the pole was loud and rattled me to the core. I felt terrible for days.  I can’t believe that not only did Linda forgive me, but Sammi seems to trust me no less.

I know, the above picture is a blur!  But it is hard to get Sammi to sit still when he isn’t in sleep mode.  His head moves about like Stevie Wonder’s bopping to a beat.  But I like this picture because you can see his great long red tongue!

Ruby has been the most generous big sis.  Not only did she accept the arrival of a special needs dog to her home, she definitely senses that Sammi is special and she treats him gently and is fairly good about sharing her toys with him.  It is really amazing to see.

I don’t know who is luckier:  Sammi and Ruby for having Linda and Ron as loving, caring parents, or Linda and Rob for having the sweetest dogs who give  their constant undying love and affection!


2 Responses to “Ruby and Sammi!”

  1. Preston and Hampton Says:

    What? Are we your favorite pets? Bengal kitties are very dog-like – we are puppy cats.


  2. Jeanne Z Says:

    What a wonderful story!

    Now I know why Linda & Ron LOVED my 2 dogs.
    Lala is a brown cocker and looks a lot like Ruby and
    Diamond is a black cocker and looks like Sammy.

    We had so much fun in Yoga class with the dogs nearby.
    I’ve never had them with me before and was thrilled when
    Linda asked if they could stay.

    What happy dogs and what lovely personalities.
    Just goes to show…. love goes a long way!

    Thanks for sharing!


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