Housewarming for Don and Simone

I wrote this on Sunday, March 28, 2010, 4 days post PRK Laser surgery.

My eyes are feeling much better right now.  They go from stinging, to feeling as if someone is cutting onions in front of me,  to feeling as if I were in a Sub-Saharan sandstorm, to feeling normal.  Vision goes from blurry to 90% clear.

I took my cranky eyes and the rest of me over to Don and Simone’s this morning.  We celebrated their  house remodel.  It is gorgeous!  They now have a great new yoga space/studio where I gave them a house warming yoga session today!  And then, we had brunch.  Simone did up some eggs and toast, cut up fruit, and an Orange Julius which she made in her ice cream maker by blending orange juice, low fat coconut milk and some fruit.  Yum!

Never mind that I look like I belong in a Fellini film, glad I had my sunglasses on IN the house (my eyes are light sensitive so I am wearing them constantly) because Tugboat Annie jumped high as she greeted me and bumped into my sunglasses!  She is full of squirmy puppy energy.  On the other hand, she can get very cuddly!  I know she looks like a stuffed toy, but, trust me, she is REAL.  And with Tugboat Annie is Simone in her newly remodeled house:

And I was  lucky enough  to get a glimpse (and a picture) of  the ever elusive Tommy:

And lastly, here is Don and Simone’s garden designed and installed by architectural landscape artist, Judson Sullivan!  Now this is one classy garden-about one more week to completion!


One Response to “Housewarming for Don and Simone”

  1. kay Says:

    what a lovely day, even with cranky eyes.


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