30 Cool Pictures from Ocean Shores, WA

In April, a lovely group of women came out to our sanctuary at Ocean Shores for a yoga retreat (see Earth Day 2010 posting).    Skye McNeil just sent me these beautiful pictures of our weekend retreat.  She has a beautiful way with her camera, an excellent eye, and is able to capture the details of my garden and home at the coast.  She  so beautifully captured the spirit of the Earth Day Yoga Retreat and of the yoga participants. Here is a wonderful collection of 30 of her photos.  Thank you, Skye, for these photos!

Triangle on the beach:

Driftwood and Blue Sky:

Mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil perfectly matched with olive oil and balsamic vinegar in the foreground:

Woodstove and Candle Illumination for Restorative Yoga:

Flying Yoginis:

Beautifully Wrapped in Red:

The Garden:

Precious beach finds:


More precious finds from the beach on inside shelving:

Pristine Protection Island:

The photographer of all these photos, Skye McNeil (self-portrait):

Shiva’s Dance on the beach:


One Response to “30 Cool Pictures from Ocean Shores, WA”

  1. Halina Says:

    These are gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing them! It brought back lovely memories of the retreat I attended at Ocean Shores. Although at that time, you didn’t have that strappy torture-device looking contraption! :S


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