Moon and Sagean

Finally, this afternoon, I got a chance to see and spend time with Moon and her daughter Sagean!

Moon was my workout buddy for years!  We trained for two triathlons together and we did personal training together at Seattle Athletic Club.  We did really well working out as a duo because we give each other permission to complain bitterly about how HARD the workout is, then we laugh, we get all the griping out of our systems and work out really hard. We were really well  matched in stamina and endurance!

Well, these days Moon is very busy raising her little girl Sagean.  Sagean is a lovely child and Moon and Doug are doing a great job at being the best mom and dad they can be.  Moon is also busy finishing up her studies to be a Five Element Acupuncturist.  Not much time for our workouts anymore.  In fact, today’s get together is a rare thing these days.  Between my teaching schedule, Sagean’s nap times, the rain!!, Moon’s acupuncture school, and life in general, it seems very difficult for us to meet….But we did today, for about an hour and a half and I loved every minute of my time with Moon and little Sagean!

We met downtown, went to Fremont, walked along the canal with Sagean in her stroller, went to Canal Street Coffee Shop and talked our hearts out.  We are already planning our next big physical endeavor for next year  (triathlon or half marathon?).  I had set my goals for a half  marathon this year, but I can’t do it!  About two weeks ago, I realized that I have too much on my plate with the India Tour coming up the end of this month and into July and the Pantelleria (Sicily) Yoga Retreat coming up in September and there is not enough time to set aside for triathlon or half marathon training….I parted ways with Moon today feeling very hopeful that we will do something amazing together next year!


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