INDIA: A Yoga Odyssey

INDIA here we come!  I am about to embark on a trip to India.  I will be teaching yoga daily for an educational tour group,  Great Cultures and Religions of India:  A Yoga Odyssey!   Kelley McHenry left a week ago, so she and our tour guide Arvind Singh will be meeting us all at the airport in Delhi.

I leave on Monday, June 28th and will be back on July 14th.  I will try to keep up my blog as much as possible.  Since I have decided not to bring my laptop, this means finding my way to an internet cafe during our “free time”.  I hear the internet cafes are seldom air conditioned.  My blog entries may be short.

We have a lovely group of 10 participants coming:

  • Don Bothell
  • Dayna Cole
  • Theresa Collier
  • Carla Reynolds
  • Halina Stolar
  • Sarah McBride
  • Karin Bigman
  • Julia Lee
  • Glenda Holden
  • Chris Newton

I  checked out the extended weather forecast for India.  Hot Hot Hot.  It will be 107 F in Delhi when we arrive.  I don’t even remember it being that hot when I lived in Senegal.  By contrast, it will be a mere 87 F in Dharamsala, up in the mountains.  I can only imagine how refreshing that will feel.

And here are the places we will visit:

  • Old Delhi Islamic influences of India
  • Dharamsala Home of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government in exile
  • Rishikesh Yoga and meditation capital of the world
  • Sarnath Birthplace of Buddhism
  • Amritsar The location of the Golden Temple, spiritual center of Sikhism
  • Varanasi Ancient sacred Hindu city on the Ganges River

And at the very end of our trip, we will be visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra.  I have only been to India once and that was with Rick in 2001 (at the time of the earthquake in Gujarat).  That trip took place  in January and February, so it was comfortably warm in most places (but very cold and snowy in Dharamsala!).  We had decided not to go to Agra to see the Taj Mahal because we were warned that the place was a tourist trap and there were bad rumors going around about poor treatment towards tourists, but I have regretted not going ever since.  Now I have a chance to go to the Taj Mahal with our experienced guide, Arvind Singh.  I have a feeling the group and I are  in for the trip of a lifetime!


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