Leaving Dharamsala

Happy 4th of July!

So frustrating to have so little time on the computer at the internet cafe.  Hopefully I will have a more open schedule in Rishikesh. Fifteen minutes here now.

How I hate to leave the cool of the mountains.  A morning trip to the Tibetan Children’s Village is in 15 minutes then we drive 4 hours to the train that will take us on an overnight trip to Hardwar where we will transfer to another bus to Rishikesh  (arriving tomorrow).

There are two great blessings about this trip and that is, though I have mentioned the heat and the humidity of Delhi and Amritsar  (I still have lots to write about Amritsar), I have NOT seen many mosquitoes (just a few at Rinchen’s outdoor courtyard but I was prepared with bug juice).  The other great blessing of this trip is our group!  I am amazed at how open  everyone is to this whole intense experience (Halina actually tried Tibetan butter tea), how non judgmental and tolerant everyone is (except when it comes to toilets, understandably), how much fun everyone is having.  Friendships are being forged.  This is truly an experience none of will ever forget and one that will link us together in a spiritual way forever.

What has changed since I was last here in India January 2001?

  • i  phones and cell phones in many hands and at many ears!
  • cleaner, really, and there are fewer beggars.  almost no beggars at all in Dharamsala.  Yes, beggars in Delhi and Amritsar, but not as many as 10 years ago.  Mostly children beggars is what we see which is enough to break your heart.
  • more scams on the bottled water.  used bottles filled up with tap water with false seal and sold to unsuspecting tourists.  very scary.  we have to be super careful when buying water and inspect seals.
  • more ladies on motorbikes
  • people now wear white cloth bandanas or scarves around their mouths to protect from pollution.

10 minutes are up…darn.  until later.


2 Responses to “Leaving Dharamsala”

  1. kay Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to post! It’s sounding like Dharamsala is the ‘return to’ place for another trip?
    I’m glad you survived your taxi ride! k


  2. Randy Says:

    Loved your account of the whacked-out, smoked-up cabbie!You tell a good story. Randy


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