Tumble Creek Yoga Workshop

Just got back from a two day workshop/retreat at Tumble Creek, Washington.  This was my third annual retreat held there.

Tumble Creek at Suncadia is a private community set on 2600 acres of woodlands, meadows, and streams.  Within the community is a golf course and many people who live at Tumble Creek enjoy golfing.  There are also many hiking trails and, in the past, we have hiked up to the fire lookout.  Tumble Creek  is  located 80 miles east of Seattle in a sunny, mountain climate. On Thursday, as soon as we drove east over the pass, we left rainy Seattle behind and moved on towards sunny skies.  http://www.tumblecreek.com/

Elizabeth and Brian Frederick, who have a beautiful cabin at Tumble Creek, host this annual event.  Elizabeth is pretty amazing at planning, getting a group of friends together, and  organizing the entire event! Once again, she gathered a great group of friends and we had wonderfully relaxing and energizing (yes, both) yoga sessions.

Tumble Creek cabins:

This fellow below is my heron’s twin  An artist from Zimbabwe made Elizabeth’s and my herons.  This one is basking in the sun in Elizabeth and Brian’s back yard (and mine is out at Ocean Shores rusting in the ocean mist):

We did our first yoga session from 4-6 pm and then took a break for dinner at the Tumble Creek Club House:

After dinner, we did some restorative yoga from 7-9 pm in the beautiful yoga studio at Tumble Creek:

After a good night’s rest, we met again at the studio to do morning yoga from 9 a.m to Noon, taking a fruit break at 10:30!

Shavasana, guided meditation:

And at the very end of the yoga session, after meditation, Brian and Elizabeth’s daughter, Sadie, and Sadie’s son, Angus, arrived at the studio. Angus spotted Brian right away and made a quick dash for his Papa’s arms:

Everyone was feeling pretty good and happy.  Here is Lolo and her daughters, Courtney, and Katie:

Susan and Meg:

We went back to Brian and Elizabeth’s cabin where we had lunch and later went for a walk.

La Tavola!!  These are the best kinds of pictures.  When I was growing up, most pictures of my family were taken at mealtimes!  This is one sweet family (and one super happy child):

Sitting with Mary Jo and Elizabeth (Angus in the foreground and Bruno on Mary Jo’s lap):


One Response to “Tumble Creek Yoga Workshop”

  1. Nikoel Says:

    Yay! It’s fun seeing familiar people in your pictures. That looked like a wonderful time!


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