Wallace Falls Hike

Last Sunday, Tiffany and I went on a fairly easy and very pleasant 6 mile hike to Wallace Falls.  I have known Tiff for over 12 years now (since UW Experimental College days!) and this is the first time we have ever gone hiking together.

Our first objective was to check out Wallace Falls Lodge, which I am interested in renting  for a possible May weekend retreat 2011! I really want to be able to offer a weekend retreat that is close by (this is only a little over an hour’s drive away!) so that those who attend can enjoy yoga in a gorgeous setting: the north Cascades.   And I am happy to report that Wallace Falls Lodge is a special place.  It is right by the waterfall trail head.  The lodge is a 6000 sq. foot house/log cabin  with 10 rooms, each room with its own private bathroom.  There is also a spacious log cabin style yoga studio (which is also used for banquets and wedding receptions). The only “funky” thing, in my opinion, is that the main 6000 sq. foot lodge is decorated in the traditional style of a hunting lodge.  This means there are stuffed pheasants and taxidermy animal heads displayed in various areas of the house.  I know it is part of the decor, but for one who loves animals and strives to practice non violence, I found it disturbing to see an elk head and other stuffed carcasses  on the walls (and it’s not like I can take the animal collection down for the retreat weekend!).  Tiffany was not disturbed by it and stated a simple fact, “Fran, it’s a lodge!”.   My yoga practice, I know, should include cultivating a more expansive mind. Well, the great news is that the log cabin yoga studio has NOT a single stuffed animal in it!

Mary Swanson is the owner.  Though I haven’t met her, I have spoken to her on the phone several times and she is a gem.  I noted an accent though I could not place it, so I asked Louis, the innkeeper, where Mary is from.  I was surprised to find out she is from India  (she married a Swanson).  Being from Kerala, where St. Thomas founded a Christian church in 57 A.D and where there is a thriving Christian community, it is not surprising that her name is Mary.   Mary and I are still in the planning phases of the May yoga weekend retreat.

Here are photos of the yoga studio:

Tiffany with me…posing and the lodge (and hot tub) behind us!

Inside the lodge (deer head and all):

The falls are really beautiful:

Because of its proximity to Seattle, its beauty, and well maintained trail, Wallace Falls is a very popular hike.

Tiff is like the little sister I never had! Here is a picture of Tiffany and me (self portrait).

And this is Tiff’s dog, Lily!  And though she is a corgi, short legs and all, this little girl can move fast!  She had no problem keeping up with us on the trail, though she did sleep the way only a dog can sleep on the drive back to Seattle.


One Response to “Wallace Falls Hike”

  1. Nikoel Says:

    My friends (my hairstylist and the woman who did our engagement photoshoot) got married at Wallace Falls Lodge! I hope I can come to the retreat in May!


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