The group is here!

Can’t tell you how happy I am to report that everyone arrived on the scheduled time and flight, all together from Rome!  What a great group.   We had our orientation gathering at the patio overlooking the bay, Cala Tramontana.  The wind is fierce and there is a cool edge to the night air.   Everyone is very happy to be here.  It is really a bit of paradise, and tired as everyone is from all the travel, they are already soaking in the beauty.  Erminia and Giuliana served prosecco with pistacchio, almonds, mozzarella, two kinds of olives, and very tasty crostini with a caper/passito spread.

After our meeting, we were served an amazingly tasty local fish called “ricciola” (whose Latin name is seriola  dumerili) baked with wild fennel.  There was an array of vegetables such as roasted potatoes, minted baked carrots, sauteed zucchini, and a great big salad which included radicchio.  That was followed by a huge platter of fresh fruit, including one of the best pears I have ever eaten and some “zibbibo” grapes.  Zibbibo grapes are the local grapes high in sugar content.  The island is famous for this grape as well as the many white wines (which were served this evening with dinner) and the Passito which is made from those grapes.  Everything was organic and sweetened from the sun. Most things were local, though a few food items came over from the main island of Sicily.  Talk about fresh!!

With bellies full, off to bed everyone went!  Everyone is  exhausted.  MaryAnn decided to sleep under the stars  (the sky is brilliantly star studded tonight).  She is nestled in the Blue Room which is actually an outdoor area where the hammocks are.  As I said good night to her, I thought she looked like a pea pod, all snuggled in her hammock with the song of the sea nearby and the stars winking at her!

Off to sleep I go.  Meditation and yoga in the early morning, followed by our land tour.  Not sure how much I will be able to write.  We will see….I am the last to bed and will be the first one up in the morning to set up for yoga.


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