Pantelleria Yoga Retreat-Pure Magic!

Our week in Pantelleria went way too fast.  The group that gathered to do yoga and explore the beautiful magical island of Pantelleria was wonderful.  Sadly, I left sun-kissed Pantelleria this morning and am now in rainy Milan and leave early in the morning for Seattle via Amsterdam.   I know it sounds unbelievable, but I already miss Pantelleria and my heart aches to go back!  Most likely the next time I go back will be in September 2012 for a cooking/yoga retreat  (cooking classes by Rina and yoga by Fran).  I am finally able to download some photos on this blog.  I will start with the retreat participants and the staff at Pantelleria.

Here are Shel and Ericka:

Here is Rebecca.  Tonino lovingly renamed her “Rosellahara“, Scarlett O’Hara:

And here is Jane:

Here is Megan, renamed “Margherita” by Tonino.  Paolino sweetly called her “La Piccola”:

Our Toronto yoginis: Cathy  (Caterina) and Colleen.  Tonino had a special song for Cathy:  CA-TE-RI-NA oh-oh–ohhhh!

Julia at Calypso’s Cave/hot springs:

Mary (Maria) already talking with her hands:

MaryAnn  (Marianna):

My assistant, Marilyn  (Marilina):

My Pantescan based assistant, Erminia:

And our tour guide, Tonino!!!

La bella Giuliana  (Erminia’s helper):

Captain of the boat, Capitano Saverio:

And the cook on the boat tour, Bartolomeo  (Barto!)  Uomo di poco parole (a man of few words):

Tonino’s helper and friend, Paolino:

The cooks in the kitchen:  Rina (our main chef), Erminia, and Amalia

And the guy who stokes the fire for the pizza, Carlo:

We must have heard Ciuri Ciuri at least 100 times.  It’s got to be Tonino’s favorite song.  Even here in Milano, the words to this Sicilian folkloric song still swirl in my head!   Hey, you can hear the song on You Tube!!:

And here are the correct words to the refrain:

Ciuri Ciuri
ciuri di tuttu l’annu
l’amuri ca mi dasti ti lu tornu…

Laa Laa LaLaLa! LaLa! LaLa! LaLa!  EH!!


One Response to “Pantelleria Yoga Retreat-Pure Magic!”

  1. Halina Stolar Says:

    Well, it seems that Barto is as smiley as ever, huh? And CARLO THE FIRE GUY IS THERE AGAIN!!! Oh, PLEASE get more pictures of him!! He can stoke my fire anytime… *sigh*


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