Fundraiser for Jim Brechbill

My sister Zina and my brother-in-law Jim:

I am really excited because Rick and I are headed to Salisbury, Maryland on Thursday, October 7, where we will be doing a Yoga Fundraiser for my brother-in-law Jim.  I haven’t blogged in over a week because between teaching classes and preparing for this fundraiser, I haven’t had time for much anything else!

It is amazing how helping someone could make you feel so GOOD!  I am ever so proud to be a part of this fundraiser! Jim was diagnosed with cancer last year, is now cancer free, but is dealing with paralysis caused by complications from the cancer.  We hope to raise funds to help him cover costs for much needed physical therapy, so he can remain as independent as possible.

Jim is worth every moment of our time.  Rick and I love Jim.  What can I tell you about Jim?  Jim is one of the best story tellers I know and can have you so spellbound, you practically want to scream with disappointment when the story is over, or you want to beg him to tell you the story all over again just so you can hear his soft Pennsylvanian accent threading its way around your heart and soul, lulling you into another world, the world of stories.  He loves to make bird houses, is very devoted to his family, adores his dog, Sonny.  One of Jim’s favorite things to do is to sit out in his back yard, admiring the loblolly trees and scanning the sky for eagles.  In a few days time, I will be out there with him, admiring the loblolly trees and spotting winged creatures.

My sister Zina and Jim and their beautiful family:

Here is the website for Jim’s Fundraiser.  Check it out!


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