Assateague Island

I hesitate to tell you about how tough it was to get to Zina’s house in Salisbury, Maryland!  Suffice to say Rick is a saint!  We arrived in Baltimore at 11:30 pm.  By the time we were in our rental car after meeting up with cousin Chris from Boston and sisters Nora and Toni from Valparaiso, Indiana, it was 12:30 a.m.  Should have taken 2.5 hours to drive to Zina’s in Salisbury, but we were so tired we somehow ended up taking a wrong road and ended up one hour out of our way, headed towards Newark, New Jersey!  Rick and I studied the map,  got ourselves going in the correct direction, and by the time we got to Zina’s, it was 5 am (4.5 hours on the road) with Chris, Toni, and Nora squished in the back seat of our big rental car.  What a nightmare!  Rick drove the whole time without a single lament and I felt I should stay up to engage him in conversation to keep him awake.  We arrived exhausted.  At least we had a sleep in today.

We spent some time on Assateague Island today where wild horses roam  It is warm and very pleasant here and ever so comforting to be in the bosom of the family!!  And yes, Jim told some of his stories this evening over dinner.  He had us rolling in laughter.

Here we are at Assateague.  Me, Toni, Zina, Nora.  How I wish Jeanie could be here with us to complete the picture of five!

Nora, Zina, cousin Chris Gallo from Boston, and me:

Rick and me:

Rickster: Blue on Blue

Zina’s daughter (my niece) Christine and Aunt Fran:

Fran and Christine’s feet:

Ice cream on the board walk at Ocean City:

2 Responses to “Assateague Island”

  1. kay Says:

    Have a great time with your beautiful family! Meanwhile, all of your family of friends await your return so we can make play dates. =)


  2. Christie Says:

    Oh, so close but so far. Hope you can visit our NC beaches and the Triangle sometime soon!! 🙂


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