Power of Community Support

The fundraiser for my brother-in-law, Jim, was a great success.  We HIT our target and have raised over $5000 so far! And the bar keeps rising!  The actual yoga event drew a crowd of about 40.  I loved leading the group and felt on top of the world doing this for Jim!  Here is my description of the weekend followed by photos.

late night arrival in baltimore
meet up with chris gallo from boston and toni and nora from valparaiso, indiana
in our rental car by 12:30 am
somehow we miss our exit off the bay bridge and end up one hour’s drive off course
turn around and the 2.5 hour drive to zina’s becomes a 5 hour drive
poor nora, toni and chris squished in the back seat,  apparently the extra sized vehicle is not big enough
we arrive in salisbury, maryland at 5:30 am!  we were hoping to at least see the sunrise

sleep in and wake up to jim frying up eggs for breakfast
jim is amazing as are his compassionate family members
last time i saw jim, he was in the hospital fighting for his life
today he rolls around on his scooter, slightly able to move his legs
and sonny-the-black-lab
has become a service dog, fetching things for jim
they are constant companions

sonny “sings” as jim plays his harmonica
jim tells us stories
he brings my mom and dad back to life with his stories
jim makes my belly ache from all the laughter

at the beauty salon, zina does her magic
we all have beautiful hair and radiant skin thanks to zina who transforms us all into queens for the day

i roast vegetables and make a tomato salad and warm up zina’s chili
tom and ursula arrive from alexandria, virginia
assateague, ocean city, chincoteague, wild horses, warm october days, sunsets, fine white sand
robert and francesca turn out pizza margheritas at the bloxom winery
the air smells of life and hope and loblolly pines

my niece christine gives me her hand-me-downs: a boxful of never worn shoes
she and her fiance chris warm my heart as i see them with their entire lives spread out before them
like a vast sky opening up to a new day
their beautiful new condo, a home full of dreams
they are fresh faced and in love
they teach us how to dream all over again

fundraiser day filled with lovely people gathered
power of community
jim joins us in the yoga
“my arms are going to be sore tomorrow, but i feel so good!”
“i felt the power of the group.  i felt everyone’s love and support.” he says

he seems surprised and embarrassed that we should have such a huge turnout.
why, i wonder, when jim is as good as the air he breathes
he deserves it all and more

i am filled with joy, pure joy to be here for him.
to witness family love and community support
everything is perfect
jim is healing
he will walk again
i believe

Before the Yoga Fundraiser Event:  Assateague Lighthouse

Monarch Butterfly at Assateague:  TRANSCENDENCE

Rick takes photo of Fran taking photo of Toni hamming it up on the beach!

At the Fundraiser:

Part of the yoga group in Salisbury, Maryland:

On our flight back home…the longest sunset ever as we fly west to Seattle:

The fundraising continues until December 15, 2010.  Find out more about Jim and the fundraising: http://fundraiserforjimbrechbill.myevent.com/


3 Responses to “Power of Community Support”

  1. Rene Says:

    Awesome Fran! I love how you wrote this up. It’s like a poem.


  2. Nora Says:

    What a wonderful way for the Gallo family to get together and show our love and support for a very important cause. Jim is a kind, warm, and loving man and I too was filled with joy and felt the love of family, friends and community during our visit. Great job, Fran!


  3. zina brechbill Says:

    yes,it was a weekend of love, hope, faith and peace! There was nothing but beauty and love all around us, what a beautiful gift this weekend was, one Jim & I and family will never forget! We feel so renewed and energized from the “Yoga against Cancer” weekend, thanks Fran! love Zina


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