100th blog: Rainbow Magic

Hey!!  This is my 100th Blog!  On this 100th Blog Day, I was treated to a full rainbow on the beach!

It stormed all day yesterday!  One squall after another passed through.  We were at the coast and all night I heard the rain slamming against the window panes.  Then this morning,  we woke up to calm!  I started out the day talking to my cousin Rosetta on the phone.  Then I grabbed a cup of coffee and walked around the garden, impressed to see a few hardy roses, calendula, dhalias, and fuschias still in bloom!

Here are some photos from today:

My Saint Francis, protector of animals, looks out over the autumn garden.  How nice to share his name!

It’s too cold to sit out at the table, but it is a reminder of pleasant meals enjoyed outdoors:

More shells collect near the entry way door:

Fuschia still attracts hummingbirds this time of year at Ocean Shores!

I cut these precious  flowers from the garden and placed them in a glass of water:

Then off to the beach for a walk!

Kelp lasso:

Untouched perfect shell:

Long October shadows:

Beach grass against blue sky:

Sea gull and wild waves:

And just as we decided to turn around and head back home, the most beautiful rainbow appeared!!

I feel as if I have been blessed by Rainbow Magic today!  Lately I have been seeing extraordinary beauty all around me.  And it seems all I have to do is look!


2 Responses to “100th blog: Rainbow Magic”

  1. kay Says:

    Happy 100th! you have produced a beautiful slice of your life on this blog and we readers have been honored readers. Thanks so much and heres to the next 100!


  2. Colleen Says:

    Your words and the images they invoke always bring tears to my eyes Fran. Thanks so much for sharing. We had our first snow flakes in Toronto Halloween night. Nothing stayed on the ground but a not so gentle reminder of what is to come. Hugs.


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