Some Recent Photos from Ocean Shores

Rick is becoming a masterful photographer. Here are some great pictures he took two weekends ago from our home in Ocean Shores.

This young boy is so beautiful!  I like to pretend the deer are my pets.  They take naps just outside our windows and hang out for hours on end.

Well, well, well!  The deck for the hot tub is almost complete since this picture was taken.  The hot tub is due to arrive within a week and a half!  The hot tub is another practice in patience.  First the deck, then the wiring (which Rick is attempting to do himself!!), then filling up the tub and using it, and then the building of the steps so that we can get to the tub from the house deck!

Dramatic sunset seen from the house:

Ok, so the raccoons, one must admit, are ever so cute!!!…but we just discovered that they have made a nest in the crawl space, cuddling, staying warm, basically using the crawl space as a den!!  What a hassle!  And someone (Rick?) has to help them scoot along:

And here is the night sky:

I will never forget what my parents said when they first stepped into our home, otherwise known as Little Renaissance, at Ocean Shores.  My dad was just about to enter the house.  He stopped just before the door, looked around at the trees, the garden, the sky.  He took in a deep breath of fresh pure ocean air,  and smiled his beautiful smile.  He then looked at the interior of the house and he said, “Ma, questa e una casa di salute!”   “But, this is a house of health!”  And it is!  Everything from home to environment lends to relaxation, celebration, profound peace, and happiness.  What a treasure our home in Ocean Shores is.


One Response to “Some Recent Photos from Ocean Shores”

  1. kay Says:

    That hot tub can’t get there too soon! I think you and Rick deserve a long soak!


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