Winter Solstice Hatha Yoga Retreat

There is a very precious group of women who book hatha yoga retreats with us in Ocean Shores twice a year!  The group met at a retreat here at Little Renaissance some years ago and has been coming back ever since.  This year, we had two new additions to the group and it was as if they, too, had been coming all along.  This is a group of seasoned yoginis.  They are not afraid to explore the yoga practice in a very deep way.  The yoga sessions were like breaths of fresh air.  The yoga sessions flowed and melted into the winter day.

Here are some photos from the weekend.  Most of these were taken by Rick!

This is the first Winter Solstice Retreat where the weather was crisp, clear, and super cold rather than overcast, rainy, or stormy (as is the norm this time of year)!  Gigantic log on “our” beach, most likely Douglas Fir:

Wild Winter Waves:

Long Winter Shadows:

Back at our warm woodstove-heated house:

And let me see if I can make your mouth water,,,  Greek night:

I mean, where would we be without scrumptious food?


The hands of Warriors:

SHAVASANA “When you’re ready, roll to one side and gently come up to sitting.”  Who’s ever ready to come up from this??? Photo by Fran:

Shavasana hands (photo taken by Fran!):

Today’s walk at the Jetty.  Bundled up, Warriors stand against fierce wind and cold:

Balancing on Stones at the Jetty:

The Jetty:   short beautiful days of Winter Solstice (even though the official winter solstice falls on the 21st):

Happy Faces:  (Ananda Mukha)

Lone Bird:


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