After class pre-holiday gathering!

Yesterday, after yoga at Om Culture, Kristin opened up her home to all of us in class.  Eleven of us gathered at Kristin’s for a beautiful evening together!

Below are Kristin and Annette.   You would never in your life guess that Kristin’s basement apartment was flooding from all the heavy rains we have been experiencing.  She calmly enjoyed the evening and dealt with the issue later!

Koren and Suzy:

Suzy ladling out Kristin’s sweet apple cider for everyone:

Dayna, Lisa, and Randy below!  Lisa sang some beautiful solos for us, and to our surprise, Kristin brought out booklets of Christmas carols so we ALL sang.

Kristin’s delicious pasta con pesto, Suzy’s mouth watering Spanish spicy mushrooms, and salad:

Ah, I managed to get a picture of Julie!  Whereas Julie did not successfully hide from me, somehow Lynn escaped my camera lens (so did Rick).  Below are Julie and Koren:

Thank you, Kristin, for a beautiful evening.  There are many reasons why yesterday’s gathering was so special.  Perhaps the reason that stands out most in my heart  is that on a dark cold rainy Monday evening in mid December, safely above the flooding basement, a peaceful happy Christmas caroling group of yogis shared a meal, holiday cheer, friendship, and song at Kristin’s light-filled warm loving home.   Mille Grazie!


One Response to “After class pre-holiday gathering!”

  1. Suzy Petersen Says:

    I’d like to add my thanks to Kristin for her wonderful hospitality, welcoming us all despite the rising water in her basement! I hope we keep up the tradition: fun, delicious, relaxing dinners and lovely folks, all. Thanks too to Fran and Randy… a backer from the beginning.


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