Hot Tubbing

Little Renaissance now has a brand new hot tub!

I keep thinking of the song by Grace Jones called Night Clubbing!  You can listen to it on the link below…I just exchange the words “Night Clubbing” for ‘Hot Tubbing’ and voila, I’m singing the song while we’re soaking in the 104 degree jetted water.  All this while the rain is pelting my head.  My forehead is cool, but my body is relaxed.  All tensions ease away in our new hot tub.

It only took 2 hours to fill up the tub when we got here on Thursday evening.  However, the water going into the tub was a very cold 46 degrees,  so it took  36 hours or more to heat up the tub to 104 degrees F.  We finally got to soak this morning in the middle of a rain storm and once more tonight, again, in the middle of a heavy rainfall!

Here is Rick enjoying his first soak in the tub:

Can’t wait to share this with friends and to have this added relaxing feature for our yoga retreats!


One Response to “Hot Tubbing”

  1. kay Says:

    I can’t think of a more deserving couple to own a hot tub! Next trip out i’m bringing my suit.


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