Sunset at Echo Ridge

I did my first ski of the season yesterday!!!  By the time we left rainy Seattle at 9:30 a.m., my day had already well begun (I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to teach a one-on-one yoga session and then did my own yoga practice, and packed up for the ski weekend).  The 4 hour drive to eastern Washington was great.  The pass was clear.  We drove in rain instead of snow and ice.

We got to Chelan and got in a great ski day!  Leslie and I drove over to Echo Ridge in the Wenatchee National Forest .   Echo Ridge is about a half hour from Leslie’s house in Chelan at  3000 feet!  It was 26 degrees, but when you cross country ski, you do not feel the cold!  I was sweating under my layers and kicking myself for the extra layer I put on last minute!

We drove above the fog into the brightness of snowy mountains!  We skiied until sunset.  No words can describe the beauty of eastern Washington’s Echo Ridge!  Even my photos below don’t fully pick up the breathtaking light of sunset on Echo Ridge!

Leslie and I are about to head out the door again for a full afternoon of cross country skiing!  The sky is clear today which means the views will be amazing!  It will be colder, too, so I think I’ll take that extra layer again!  I love that feeling of being up there!  It feels like flying at times.  And at times, the experience of gliding along, feeling incredibly alive is otherworldly!

Ready for my first ski of the season:

View of Lake Chelan from my bedroom at Leslie’s house:

Echo Ridge late afternoon:

Sun starting to set at Echo Ridge:

OK, heading out the door to hit the trails again!


One Response to “Sunset at Echo Ridge”

  1. Rick Clark Says:

    Hey, some gorgeous photos there!



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