Snow In Seattle

It rarely snows in Seattle and when it does, the city often comes to a stand still.  Seattle can’t handle snow!  I jokingly say we have about two city snow plows.  Add the city’s hills plus a strong aversion to putting salt on the roads and we can understand how a few inches of snow can cripple a city.

It is 11:18 pm and I am not sure if tonight’s snow is enough to keep me home in the morning.  I guess I will just have to set  my alarm for 5:45 a.m., get up, and see what the roads look like.  According to the forecast, around midnight, the snow will become rain.  Come morning, we Seattle-ites will wake up and wonder if we dreamed what we saw this evening.

Rick and I went out walking in the snow from 10-11 pm.  Even as I write, it is really coming down.  There is an eerie light tonight.  I think it is brighter out there now than it was all day today!  We didn’t have to use the flash in any of the photos below.

I love how all sound is muffled when it snows. I love the sound of the snow crunching under my boots.  I love how the streets are deserted!  I love the magic and the child-like excitement I feel when the snow starts to fall and settle on tree limbs! I love how neighbors, who would otherwise never talk to me, suddenly take note of me and say, “Isn’t it beautiful?”

Here are a few pictures we took on our walk late this evening in the winter wonderland of our neighborhood:


4 Responses to “Snow In Seattle”

  1. Christie Drew Says:

    LOVE IT! somebody’s got new tires. Love the tree shots too. We had a little in Durham on Monday night… topped by 1/2 inch of ice. Nice to hunker down and stay in all day yesterday. But the sun is out today and all is melting. Gotta love January!


  2. kay Says:

    Thank you for going out and taking pictures! I considered it for a second….
    the snowy tree branches are so lovely!


  3. Rene Says:

    I love it. I LOVE IT!! I completely agree. I love the way snow looks, the way it mutes sound, the way it makes the air feel. Last night I stayed up as long as I could to experience it – truly magical!!


  4. Marykay Says:

    IMG_0034.JPG….hope my midnite foto of the snow really was a Dr Shivago set out my balcony window on Capitol Hill


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