Photos from Delhi

YEAHHH for many reasons…mainly because we are now in Rajasthan which is incredibly beautiful and out of Dusty Delhi Madness! …and because I was able to download photos into my blog from this Rajasthan hotel!!

Here are some photos from Delhi!

Photos from the Sikh temple:

My foot on Sikh temple tiles:

Hub cap stolen?  Maybe you can find it and repurchase it at the Thief Bazaar:

In the thick of Delhi:


2 Responses to “Photos from Delhi”

  1. Nancy R Says:

    I told you the colors were orange and red!!! I love that country and yes, it is so much cleaner than Delhi. Mumbai is the same…dusty!
    My name in Ahmedabad was “Nancyben”! Most of the places add the “ben”. I am
    loving your blogs and these pictures are wonderful. This will be one of your favorite places of all…………
    Namaste, Nancy


  2. kay Says:

    thank you for the effort you put forth for us! I love seeing your adventures in word and picture form.
    love, kay


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