Photos from Delhi’s Red Fort

Just before leaving Delhi today, we stopped by The Red Fort.  It was built by Shah Jehan, the man who built the Taj Mahal, and was his main place of residence as well as the judicial headquarters during his reign.  I am very excited to post these as the colors are dazzling!

The walls at the Red Fort:

Arvind doing what he does so well: bringing Shah Jehan’s world to life for us!

Shah Jehan had every single red stone wall painted WHITE after his wife’s death.  Not only is white the color of death  (widows wear white here), but he was desperate to cover the red since his wife, the love of his life, died in childbirth and the hue of red was too reminiscent of the blood she lost at the time of her death.  In later times, the British removed the white paint and restored the stone to its natural color.

Stone-carved lattice screens.  Women at Shah Jehan’s court watched the world from behind these veiled screens:

Terri taking Joe’s photo:

Joe having his photo taken!

There are no doors at The Red Fort!  Instead large woven rugs were hung from these entrances for privacy:

Bob and Addi listening to Arvind:

Precious stones pressed into marble walls depicting beautiful flower motifs:

Off to bed I go.  It is pleasantly cool in the evenings here in Rajasthan making for perfect sleeping conditions!


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