Greetings from Jaipur!

Internet service and WiFi are hard to come by here in the desert!  We are having amazing adventures, but sadly, I have not been able to log on at all!  The hotels we are staying at boast of WiFi and internet, but I suppose that is a way to lure us here.  I wish you could hear the chaos at the moment!  I am in the hotel lobby, finally able to get some service and there is a WEDDING going on.  Not conducive to blogging.  Drums, a big horn that sounds like an elephant, flowers, ladies in saris, men in suits and traditional kurtas, everyone a flutter, the festivities begin and take over this hotel.  I wonder if we will sleep tonight with all this noise? 

I am going to teach an evening session of yoga out on the lawn.

Perhaps I will be brave and try to blog after our yoga session?  Just know that we are well and that internet access is  hard to come by..a true luxury here!  I have tons to write about but not sure when…


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