Jaipur continued

We just finished our evening yoga session out on the lawn.  It was one of the most beautiful yoga sessions I have ever led!  I was a bit rattled from the frenzy of the Rajasthani wedding and disappointed because the conference room at this hotel where we held our yoga session yesterday has been taken over by the wedding party and so we had to hold our session outside.  I was worried it would be cold (it gets really cold here at night) or that there would be mosquitoes (you never know!) or that the wedding party would stop and stare at us, but it was nothing of the sort!  Instead, the evening air was refreshing after a very hot day.  The drums and elephant-sounding-horn were actually very beautiful in the background.  The happy sounds of people celebrating made us all smile.  Arvind and Vivek joined us for the yoga session  (Vivek is Arvind’s adopted “little brother” and is helping him out with the tour.  We have all fallen in love with Vivek.).  As we practiced yoga, we watched the moon and stars come out across the huge desert sky.  And believe it or not, the dry sweet smelling air was filled with evening bird song.  I feel so calm here in the lobby amid all the red sari clad women chattering away.  I feel peaceful and happy!

I now have to join everyone for dinner here at the hotel.

Maybe I will have time to write again from the Pink City as Jaipur is called, though we do have to take off very early in the morning.

We take off early tomorrow for the Tiger Reserve. A safari!  We have 112 mile drive ahead of us.  For the next two days, we will not have access to internet.  The photos I have taken are breathtaking and I will be sure to post a slide show when I get back!  Can’t wait to share them.  I feel bad that I haven’t had much time to blog, but even with Arvind, our fantastic guide, and his helper, Vivek, I am “on” 100 per cent of the time during this tour.  This doesn’t leave much time for blogging.

Suffice to say that our group is outstanding and really fun to be with and we are having such a wonderful time!


2 Responses to “Jaipur continued”

  1. mary jo stansbury Says:

    I wish I could be there with you enjoying the most beautiful yoga session you have ever led. Yoga with you is always a spiritual experience. I miss you. XOMJ


  2. Randy Says:

    Seeing a tiger on safari woulod be a grand adventure–here’s hoping.


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