Photos from the Taj Mahal

We are in Varanasi.  I would like to post these photos from the Taj Mahal.  Honestly, the photos can never capture this timeless flawless architectural symbol of undying love, of love that has the power to transform the world!

Here are Joe and Terri in front of the Taj Mahal.  It is early morning and the day started out foggy and cool!

Bob and Addi putting on their little “shrappers” (fully biodegradable shoe wrappers) over their shoes in order to walk upon the marbled floors of the Taj Mahal:

Views of the Taj Mahal (translates to the Crown (taj) Palace (mahal):

Many of the walls are covered with beautiful inlay art. Inlay details on the beautiful translucent nonporous walls of the Taj Mahal:

Details of the sculptured interior Makrana marble walls of the Taj Mahal.  This is an opium poppy:

This place is unrivaled in its beauty!  Here is one of the side mosques next to the Taj:

More inlay design:

Koranic Scripture inscribed with black marble and onyx  on the walls of the Taj Mahal:

Jeanne, Jim, and Vivek:

Ok, we are off to the heart of Varanasi.  We are all centered from our morning yoga session!  I am sure I will have lots to tell of this next foray into the spiritual center of India.


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