The Oberoi Hotel in Agra

I didn’t have time to include this blog yesterday.   I wrote this just before leaving Agra…

After we left the Taj Mahal, Terri asked Vivek if we could stop by the dream-like Oberoi Hotel in Agra just to have a look around.  So off we all went to this most luxurious of all hotels in Agra!

Courtyard leading to the Taj Oberoi:

Exterior courtyard wall art:

I guess the self-portrait-of-feet photos are proof that I was there (outside courtyard):

Rooms here cost between $600 to $4000 per night!  We were going to have a cup of tea in the outdoor garden over looking the gardens, swimming pools, and the view of Taj Mahal in the distance, but we found that one cup of tea costs $20, so we just took a little look around instead.

The outside gardens were welcoming.  Everywhere, there were panels of flower designs and art.  Serene and soothing flute and sarod music filled the lobby.  The atmosphere was perfect.  The Oberoi Hotel is relaxing, clean, and cool. There are views of the Taj Mahal from the main windows and panels of art are on most walls.  Extreme luxury and elegance transported us to another dreamy world where mass poverty does not exist.  Of course, this delusion was short lived and the reality of mass poverty hit us even harder when we left the oasis of the Oberoi.  The place itself is an opiate of sorts. A gorgeous young woman of movie star beauty greeted us at the entrance to the hotel lobby  and placed a red tikka dot on our foreheads.  It was like being initiated into the world of the privileged.

Swimming pool at the Oberoi and views of the Taj in the background:

The courtyard:

The grand lobby:

More artwork from the lobby:

I was quite happy where we stayed at our humble-by-comparison 4 star Mansingh Hotel in Agra.  It is a far cry from the Oberoi, but comfortable and pleasant.  The staff is pleasant and the breakfasts and dinners at our hotel have been outstanding.  We have been able to rest here, gearing up for our next adventure in Varanasi.


One Response to “The Oberoi Hotel in Agra”

  1. kay Says:

    Oh dear lord… 20.00 for a cup of Tea? CRAAAZY.


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