Rajasthan, India Slide Show

Here it is! The slide show from the tour and yoga trip to Rajasthan, India. I cannot look at these photos without feeling a deep love of India and for all of our group members.  The journey was outstanding and absolutely unforgettable.

I will, in the future, put one more slide show together for you as I have asked each group participant to give me 25 of their best photos!

Since there are so many slides, I set each one to show for only 2 seconds. If you would like to slow it down, you can by hitting the pause button and moving photos along at your own pace. As is, it takes about 7 minutes to watch, so turn up your speakers, sit back and enter the world of India for a brief moment in time.  Let the images and beautiful faces of India transport you to a world where the material and spiritual merge into beautiful chaos and peaceful order!



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5 Responses to “Rajasthan, India Slide Show”

  1. kay Says:

    what an amazing slide show, Fran! i mean AMAZING! your photos really catch the experience so the rest of us can join you somewhat! thanks!!


  2. Dayna Says:

    WOW!!!!!!Breathtakingly beautiful slideshow Fran!! I just watched it 3 or 4 times and was immediately transported there and moving among the throngs. I have to go. The Aarti photos are stunning and I loved your silhouette poses. I only wish I too was sending you my top 25 photos of this trip. Absolutely thrilling!!


  3. judith borth Says:

    Thank you so much for sending this awesomely beautiful slide show to us. We can now talk legibly to Addi and Bob about their adventures. Loved the portraits of the people.


  4. Annette Romano Says:

    Thank you!!!


  5. Halina Stolar Says:

    They really are breathtaking and show the colors, textures, people, souls of India. It was an experience just to watch the slideshow! Thank you for sharing.


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