March 12: Plant a Flower Day!

Not only are we to Spring Forward with our clocks tonight, but today, March 12,  is also Plant a Flower Day!  I have some pretty daffodils showing their heads in my garden here at the coast and the primroses are looking beautiful!  It won’t be long before the tulips are fully formed.  Already the stems and leaves are growing.

Today I opened up one of my favorite books and started reading it again with all the wonder and awe I had for it the first time around!  It is called EcoYoga: Practice and Meditations for Walking in Beauty on the Earth by Henryk Skolimowski.  This book speaks to my soul. The author included the following quote on a section called Sensitivities as Flowers of Life:

“Look carefully in an

animal at a spirit alive;

Every flower is a soul

opening out into nature;

A mystery touching love

is asleep inside metal.”

Gerard de Nerval

And next week, March 14-20,  is National Wildlife Week. That is the week to celebrate critters that run, jump, dig, swim and fly!

My friend Joyce sent  an email titled, Rain Barrel Mystery Solved.  What an intriguing  title!  The email included these pictures taken in Colorado Springs.  The title makes me think there is a family out there who, for years, must have wondered how their rain barrel could be filled to the brim one day and nearly empty the next, until of course, they solved the mystery!  Enjoy the photos that were sent to me and don’t forget to plant a flower.  I think I will go buy some more primroses since they do SO well in my garden.


3 Responses to “March 12: Plant a Flower Day!”

  1. Nikoel Stevens Says:

    Oh my, I love this so much. Toooooo funny!


  2. kay Says:

    amazing poem, fran. i will have to get that book.
    the bear is also amazing in his/her ability to totally chill out in a teensy tiny tub of water.
    i wonder how close your friend had to get to take those pics?


  3. kaylynn wagoner Says:

    this is soooo cute!


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