Housewarming Yoga Gig

It is late  (for me, got to get up at 5:45 am tomorrow), but I will post this cute, cool grainy photo of Mary, Rick and me from this evening.  Mary, my fellow Peace Corps Volunteer (she was in Mali and I was in Senegal), recently bought her first house in West Seattle and so this evening, I gave her a housewarming gift of yoga!  It was really fun.  We focused on hamstrings.  Mary is the ultimate athlete and has tight hamstrings as a result.   We worked on a routine that she can work on daily, so she doesn’t feel so restricted in leg movement.  Rick, meanwhile, opted out of the yoga session.  Instead, he sat in the kitchen with a glass of wine and read one New Yorker after another.  Occasionally, we would hear him howl with laughter.  My guess is that he was looking at the New Yorker cartoons, too, unless, of course, the poems were that funny.

At  the end of the yoga session in Mary’s beautiful new home, Rick joined us for an OMMMMM.  The house shook with the vibrations of it.  Mary had cut out of work earlier than usual and made some soul food.  At least that is what I call her spiced up Mexican-style beans, rice, and sauteed greens.  Very heart warming and delicious.  Soothing food.  Soul food.  Comfort food.

We ate dinner next to the fireplace.  Rick made a wonderful fire that crackled, blazed, and warmed our hearts as we ate, told stories, and laughed.

I am more than ready for bed now.  Sweet dreams.


One Response to “Housewarming Yoga Gig”

  1. Rene Says:

    Hi Mary!! (Mary and I used to play ultimate together on a women’s team… seems like forever ago). Thanks for sharing this Fran, and I LOVE the photo!!!


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