Some Things Take Time

My 82 year old father-in-law,

Bob at Ocean Shores

once-upon-a-time owner of an accordion,

player of bagpipes,

lover of big romantic Russian symphonic melodies,

including Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade and Tchaikovsky,


in front of several people,

that he actually NOW likes the Beatles!

It’s 2011, but never mind!  Hey, it’s cool.  Some things take time.

Snow on Hat

Bob in his younger days

Annette Romano led me to Al Green’s fantastic 2-minute long gotta-hear-cover of I Wanna Hold Your Hand  (way better than the original….I dare say!!).  I can’t explain it, but listening to Al Green sing this makes me so happy:

And if you have a few extra minutes, check out this adorable tribute to the Beatles.  My multi- talented friend Patti, her husband, Jeff,  and their kids, Vincent and Edie, do their version of Drive My Car:


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