Kaleidoscope Eyes

Enjoy Rick’s beautiful images shot through a kaleidoscope:

Italian lace tablecloth

The word kaleidoscope was coined in 1817 by Sir David Brewster.  The word comes from the Greek kalos “beautiful” plus eidos “shape” plus scope “to observe”.  Brewster put the words together to come up with “observer of beautiful forms”. 


Looking out the windows at Ocean Shores

The kaleidoscope allows us to see the world around us in a psychedelic way!  Our normal perceptions and ways of seeing are broken down by fractured light and then rebuilt into an endless array of patterns.  I want to hold a kaleidoscope to my eyes more often to see what I am normally unable to see, to open my mind to the beauty of color, light, and patterns around me!

Looking out of our windows at Ocean Shores


One Response to “Kaleidoscope Eyes”

  1. kay Says:

    i’m feel’n groovy. far out!


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