Wellness Day

I taught one early morning class yesterday and then took the rest of the day off to go on a hike with Julie!

Julie came to the early morning class as she always does and then we went out for coffee at Cherry Street before heading out to  hike.  I don’t normally take a day off work unless I am actually going to be out of town.  I have this very deeply engraved/ingrained/embedded/ensconced child-of-immigrant-parents-work-ethic.  And so since I was in town, I was feeling a bit guilty about taking the day off.  In fact, it was raining and I secretly told myself, “I deserve this!”  Then Ali from Cherry Street Coffee Shop comes up to me just as I am finishing up my coffee and says, “I will see you in a few minutes!  Can’t wait for today’s yoga!”  See, Ali comes to my 10:30 am class at Seattle Athletic Club.  Normally, I would be heading down the hill to the waterfront to get ready for the class he was planning on attending.    I had a really hard time telling Ali my plans for the day.

Julie must have figured out how I was feeling, so she finally said,


A wellness day, indeed!  We had a great hike up to Twin Falls.  We started out in the rain wearing our rain pants and rain ponchos.  Not long into the hike, the rain stopped and the sun poked his head through the clouds and we got our sunshine fix!  Beautiful!

I forgot my camera, but managed to take a few pictures with my phone camera:

Julie driving with and Miles (sweet Husky) at her shoulder

Olallie State Park Twin Falls Trailhead


I highly recommend a Wellness Day for everyone every once in a while!


One Response to “Wellness Day”

  1. kay Says:

    I congratulate you on your compassion towards yourself. the little angel on your right shoulder was louder than the little devil on your left.


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