Rajasthan tour/yoga journey group reunion!

Just got back from a wonderful evening at Joe and Terri’s house.   They hosted an Indian dinner and all those present on the Rajasthan tour/yoga journey were present.  Everyone brought a little something to add to the Indian dinner theme.    I taught this evening at Green Lake Yogalife studio until 6:45 pm and booked out of the class so fast it was almost rude!   I rolled up my mat, gathered my music, grabbed my raincoat (still wet), my umbrella (still wet), and my bag, and managed to do a 9 yard dash past everyone putting their shoes on and I flew out the door!  The gathering started at 6:30 pm and Rick and I arrived at 7:10 pm! We made great time!   It was great to see everyone and to reminisce about our trip!  It was so nice to see Bob and Addi since I have not seen them since our time together in India,

The next Rajasthan, India  tour/yoga journey will be held February 2-18th, 2013. I figure it is always good to put the date out there so interested people can at least get the dates on their calendars.  Believe it or not, I already have three very lucky people “penciled in” for the next journey in February 2013!!

Rick and I were reminded again about the beautiful loving couples in our group.  There is so much love in that group!  We talked about another opportunity for all of us to travel together on a riverboat on the Mekong River sometime at the end of next year.  To think of traveling with this particular group of friends would be an incredible journey.

Here are some photos Rick took this evening.  I am too tired to write much more.  Have to get to bed as I have to be up at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow and teach at 6:30 am.

At the dinner table!

Floating Candles

Vase of Lilies

Vase of Lilies

Moon in Sky tonight


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