Rick and I are attending the Landmark Forum!!   The seminars started over the weekend and since Friday, I have not had much free time on my hands to blog!  I will save the description of the enrichment program, the Landmark Forum, for my next blog entry.  For now, I will post this blog entry  I started to write on Friday morning……….

Thursday was one of the fullest and busiest of days.  It started with teaching three classes.  My last session was with Susan at her beautiful home. Every corner of her home has an artistic touch and entices you to come closer and LOOK.

magical corner

Susan’s dog Benji or “Ben” is the cutest Tibetan Lhasa Apso in the world.  He really likes me and when he sees me, he thinks it’s playtime!

My buddy Ben (his under-bite is ever so cute!!!)

After the yoga session, Susan and I had to go out and celebrate the bit of sun that was shining suddenly.  Around here, you really do lap up any bit of sunshine that comes your way!  Because we are under clouds so much of the time, when the sun does come out, we squint and desperately reach for our sunglasses!

Susan's lovely garden!

Here we are with our already-sipped post-yoga “spa fruit smoothies”.

Susan and Fran after our yoga session

I did some shopping and relaxed at home for a short while, then Rick and I headed out to Michelle’s 50th birthday celebration!  While there, a sprite elderly fellow kept staring at Rick. Suddenly, the elderly man jumped up and rushed over to Rick.  His index and middle fingers were slicing the air as if he had a pair of scissors in his hand! He said to Rick, “I was a barber for 55 years, and when I see hair like this…..”  Then he went SNIP SNIP SNIP with his make-believe scissors!  We had a good laugh over this.  Turns out Victor is 94 years old!  Victor Manarola, sharp as a pair of razor blade, and full of amazing stories from his Italian immigrant family and of his Wyoming childhood  (I didn’t know there were Italian coal miners in Wyoming!), is in the photo below.   When Victor turned 90, he started taking art classes from Michelle.  Check out these boys:

94 year old Victor-the-Barber and Rick!

We dashed from Michelle’s party to Tula’s Jazz Club downtown to hear Lisa sing her second set!  Below is the multi-talented Lisa Fox:

Fran and Lisa at Tula's Jazz Club

Lisa doing her magic on stage!

The Lovely Lisa Fox!

That’s it.  My day last Thursday.  A life of abundance.  And then I went to the weekend seminar which just about knocked my socks off!  Today, I am tired and need to go to bed early so that I can continue to absorb some of this good stuff! More on the Landmark Forum later!


2 Responses to “Abundance”

  1. Jenelle Says:

    Having done the LM Forum a few years ago, I’d be interested in hearing about your experience.


    • frangallo Says:

      I am very excited about the Landmark Forum! I have the last session this evening and then, I put this transformational experience to words on the blog. I can’t wait to talk to you about it!


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