Peru Tour/Yoga Retreat in March 2012!

Memorial Day weekend has turned out to be a great time for me to get organized and get the word out about the Peru Tour/Yoga Retreat I am offering for the first time on March 11-24, 2012!

This tour/retreat is going to be a fabulous adventure and a wonderful yoga experience!  Ericka Lock, who is from Peru and lives in Seattle, has helped me tremendously and continues to help me with putting together an amazing journey.  Last year, Ericka was at my retreat on the island of Pantelleria and asked me if I would ever consider giving a yoga retreat in Peru.  That very question started a dialog about this fantastic idea and here we are 8 months later,  ready to actually do it!  Ericka is much more than a personal assistant.  She is coordinating this tour and directly making all the contacts necessary for this tour to run smoothly.  I am very fortunate to be presenting this tour and retreat to Peru with her!

Instead of including the entire itinerary, I will include photos of some of the places we will visit on the Peru Yoga Retreat/Tour and the Yoga Schedule.  Since this is not yet posted on my website, if you are interested in registering for this incredible trip or if you simply would like more information, email me at or write a comment to this blog, and I can send you more detailed information.

Photos of Places we will visit on the Peru Yoga Retreat and daily yoga schedule with Fran



Evening Location/yoga class/es offered each day

SundayMarch 11 Lima Star Peru Hotel Yoga session before dinner (hotel pool area) temps 70’s
MondayMarch 12 Larco Museum, Lima Star Peru Hotel Yoga sessions before breakfast and before dinner (hotel pool area) temps 70’s
TuesdayMarch 13 Temple of the Sun (Qoricancha), Cusco:            Bohemian quarter of San Blas, Cusco: El Arquelogo Hotel Yoga session in the late afternoon before dinner (indoor session)Temps 40’s-50’s
Wed.March 14 Sacred Valley: Illarimuy Hotel Yoga sessions before breakfast and in the late afternoon before dinner (indoor sessions)Temps 40’s-50’s
ThursdayMarch 15 The Andean Village of Maras, the salt pans:Street in Ollantaytambo: Andina Luxury Hotel Yoga session before breakfast, session held indoorsTemps 40’s-50’s
FridayMarch 16
Machu Picchu, the "Lost City of the Incas”
Andina Luxury Hotel Mid Morning Yoga session will be held at Machu Picchu (we have permission to do yoga at the site!)Standing poses, dressed warmly and rain proofed, shoes on ok!). Second yoga session before dinner held indoors at the hotel.Temps 40’s-50’s
SaturdayMarch 17 View of  Machu Picchu from Waynapicchu (participants can do an optional hike to Waynapicchu or spend quiet time at the Machu Picchu ruins):Aguas Calientes Sulphur Hot Springs (optional- if you don’t mind smelling like an egg or walk around the streets of Aguas Calientes): El Arquelogo Hotel Mid Morning Yoga session will be held at Machu Picchu!! (see description above for 3/16).Yoga before dinner at the hotel (indoors) depends on the train schedule and whether or not we make it back in time for yoga.Temps 40’s-50’s
SundayMarch 18 Road trip to Puno: La Hacienda Hotel Yoga before breakfast (indoors). Long road trip this day.  We will make a stop and do a short yoga session at an ancient site outdoors on the road to Puno.  Temps 40’s-50’s
MondayMarch 19 Lake Titicaca, PunoTaquile Island:The floating island of Uros: La Hacienda Hotel Yoga before breakfast and before dinner.  We have the option to do yoga indoors or outdoors (most likely indoor yoga).  Temps 40’s-50’s
TuesdayMarch 20 Chullpas, stone funerary towers, Sillustani: Star Peru Hotel Yoga before breakfast if our flight times allow for this. Yoga before dinner.  Yoga outdoors at the pool side.  Back to warm temps in the 70’s
Wed.March 21 The Marine Reserve, Paracas: Doubletree Paracas Resort Yoga before breakfast and before dinner.  Both sessions will be held outdoors.  Temps in Paracas 80’s and usually breezy.
ThursdayMarch 22 Ballestas island. “The Galapagos of Peru”: Doubletree Paracas Resort Morning yoga session will be held before or after the island tour, depending on our scheduled boat trip.  Second session before dinner.  Sessions held outdoors. Temps 80’s.
FridayMarch 23 Back to Lima: Star Peru Hotel Yoga before breakfast and yoga before dinner (outdoors at the hotels)Temps 70’s
SaturdayMarch 24 Enjoy last day at the beach in Lima Departure Last yoga session in the morning before breakfast (outdoors) temps 70’s

The fee for this all inclusive 2 week trip is $3990 per person (includes lodging-double occupancy, all meals, yoga instruction, tours, in country flight and in country transportation, entrance fees, airport pick ups and drop offs, all tips). The fee does not include airfare to Peru.  Single rooms are available (ask me about the supplemental fee for a single room).

I have found that keeping to a strong yoga schedule during a vigorous and fun tour like this keeps us healthy and happy!  The yoga practice gives us stamina and allows us to really take in all the beauty around us and to enjoy interacting with the people we encounter on our adventure!  Daily yoga was a life saver in India.  It really did help all of us stay healthy and  stand up to taking in all the newness and staying in the present, so we could really enjoy each and every moment.

So this is it! My blog on the Peru Tour and Yoga Retreat coming up on March.  I keep my retreats small to ensure quality instruction and time with each and every participant! Do email me if you have any questions!   namaste,  Fran


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