First Tuesday’s Yoga in the Park

My first outdoor Tuesday’s summer yoga classes, Yoga in the Park, got rained out!

I suppose I could have gone to the park and taken a dismal picture of the empty rain-soaked Meridian Park.   Instead I have a few photos from my afternoon hike to Little Mount Si!

Little Mount Si, view from the top

After my 10:30 class ended, Leslie and I headed to Little Mount Si, about a 40 minute drive away or 33 miles outside of Seattle.   Neither of us have ever hiked Little Mount Si.  It sounds so small and cute, doesn’t it?  Well,  don’t let the name fool you.  The hike, 5 miles out and back,  is a really great workout!!  The cumulative gain is 1,250 feet.  We were both surprised at how our legs felt like lead or cement for the first mile or so of the hike.  The sky was heavily clouded over and, though there was the threat of a rain shower, we luckily did not get any rain during our hike..

Little Mount Si is really very beautiful.  There are lots of huge rock formations and some rock climbers were out hugging the sides of the rock walls.  At one point, we saw the most beautiful woodpecker. Other hikers were out on the trails and many of them had their dogs on leashes for the hike.  I happily pat every dog on the head.  Leslie and I have a way of thinking or speaking in tandem when we hike.  At one point we both exclaimed how the air was so wonderfully intoxicating!  I find it fascinating how we came up with the same word, “intoxicating”.  It was the perfect word, really!  Without success, we kept sniffing various wild flowers trying to locate the source of the perfumed air!  I think the air itself was perfumed or maybe it was the rocks or some invisible flower, or a leaf….or a combination of all of the above!

Here are some photos from our 2 and a half hour hike:

another view from the top of Little Mount Si

Rock ledge at the top!

Since Little Mount Si is so close to home and so very do-able in such a short period of time, we agreed to try the hike again soon.  Our goal is to approach the mountain without cement/lead legs.  In other words, the hike will be easier the second time around and we happily look forward to that next outdoor challenge.

Just as we got back to the car and back on the road, a heavy downpour fell freely and ferociously!  No Yoga in the Park on this first Tuesday in June!  As we say around here, summer doesn’t officially start until after the 4th of July.

And today, I received the cutest gift!  A frog made of resin doing Dancer’s Pose!  Thank you Mary and Karol.   Mr. Yoga Frog represents playfulness, happiness, and unique elegance!

Mr. Happy Elegant Playful Frog in Dancer's Pose


2 Responses to “First Tuesday’s Yoga in the Park”

  1. kay Says:

    Little Si is a toughy but worth it! Lead legs seem to hit me with the start of my hiking season then ease up by… the end.
    love that buddha statue with the malas behind the frog.


  2. frangallo Says:

    Hi Kay, I’ve had lots of confirmation that Little Si is a tough one! Makes me feel better about the leaden legs. And yes, got to get the hiking legs back for the season. The buddha statue behind the frog was a gift for Christmas from one of my brothers-in-law and his wife. The idea is that it is supposed to go in the garden, but I like it indoors. One day soon, I just might move him to the garden! Next time you and Butch come out to Ocean Shores, you will see him gracing the garden!


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