Father’s Day

Dad with his whole life ahead of him!

Four years ago yesterday I said goodbye to my father.  He was pure love to his last breath.   I still miss him and I will never stop feeling gratitude to him for being my wonderful dad!

I will let these photos speak for me today.

Dad and his girls: Mom, Nora, Jeanie, Toni, Zina (I must have been napping)

Dad at Green Lake in Seattle


4 Responses to “Father’s Day”

  1. Nancy Regensburg Says:

    Just beautiful, Fran.



  2. Jenelle Says:

    beautiful photo’s, Fran.


  3. cathy pierce Says:

    Dear Fran,
    As usual a beautiful tribute to a wonderful life lived and the legacy he gave to you.
    Thank you for sharing,
    Cathy P


  4. frangallo Says:

    My nephew John sent me the following about this blog post I wrote for Father’s Day: “I just read your blog and saw your Happy Father’s day message to grandpa. Always makes me stop dead in my tracks when I think of him—no matter how fast I’m moving. Thanks for making me stop for just a moment to think about one of the best men I’ve ever met. Grandpa Gallo. I hope someday to be half the man he was!”


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