five of us

Today someone asked me, “How many sisters do you have, Fran?”

I proudly said what I have always said, “Four.  I have four sisters.  There are five of us.”

I will always say that.

There will always be five of us.

Jeanie and cousin Pietro in Liege, Belgium

Jeanie, Nora, and Toni in Liege, Belgium

Mom and her five girls, Gary, Indiana (lined up in birth order and height: Nora, Toni, Jeanie, Zina and baby me)


4 Responses to “five of us”

  1. kay Says:

    You and your sisters are beautiful! I especially like little fran in her pretty dress with all her important stuff she was carrying. i just wonder what that purse had in it?


    • frangallo Says:

      I have no idea what’s in that purse. But get a load of those legs on me! Double rolled! I was one well fed kid. I am here with my family now. It feels so good to be here. Rick and I rented a car to get to Nora’s. It was around 7:30 and the sun was getting low in the sky and was a brilliant orange. For an hour, we were treated to the most beautiful mid western sunset while the big fat full moon was coming up. Rick and I felt like Jeanie was welcoming us!


  2. Annette Romano Says:

    Oh, Fran. A family like this is such a gift! Such poignant images, and tributes. I feel your loss and keep sending to you love, love, love.


    • frangallo Says:

      And the gift continues to give…I am here with my family. Rick and I are so happy to finally be with them. I did Jeanie’s signature Latch-Hug on Nora when I saw her. Everything feels empty without Jeanie in this world and at the same time, everything is so rich. She taught us how to live!! I will be posting the Mosaic: A Portrait of Jeanie coming soon!


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