Beautiful Memorial

I am blessed with an amazing family.  It is so comforting to be here with my sisters.  I am convinced that Jeanie finished her work here on earth. There was nothing left for her to do.  She was pure love.  She was perfect.  Her memorial service and funeral were beautiful.  Her ashes were buried in a grassy field/cemetery next to some oak trees in Rensselaer, Indiana.  I could not think of a more peaceful place to visit to contemplate the life of the sweetest, kindest, and most courageous woman I have ever known.  How lucky I was to have had Jeanie in my life.

St. Augustine Church funeral mass for Jeanie

The Altar: Calla lilies for Jeanie

Jeanie and her family: Vince, John, and Mike

Jeanie's little sweetheart and granddaughter, Ava Grace Urbano (Vince and Angie's first daughter) 4 years old

My Aunt Lily holding her great-great niece, Brynlee Faith Urbano, Jeanie's second granddaughter, Vince and Angie's newest baby 4 months old

Jeanie's "boys", my sweethearts and nephews Vince and John.

And on a very happy note, here are pictures of Toni celebrating life!  She is now cancer free and loving every second of life:

Brother-in-law John Brown dancing with Toni!

Toni dancing with one of her three fantastic brothers-in-law, Rick Clark!

Christa admiring Toni's cool t-shirt" This survivor kicked cancer 's butt."

Christa, Toni, and Zina!


4 Responses to “Beautiful Memorial”

  1. kay Says:

    Oh Fran! What a way to celebrate Jeanie; by dancing, laughing, crying, and feeling gratitude for her life. You and your family are an inspiration and redefine what it means to accept all parts of life and death.
    thank you so much.


  2. Randy Says:

    What a beautiful testament to sisterly love


  3. Nora Says:

    Fran, I miss you already, it was so comforting to have you and Zina here. We are so blessed to have each other and to have had Jeanie in our lives. We carry many precious memories in our hearts. She was such an inspiration to us and taught us so much about LOVE, STRENGTH and HOPE. Thank you Jeanie, Your work here on earth is done. We, your family will always keep you in our hearts. Your sis, Nora


  4. Ingrid Ferris-Olszewsky Says:

    Oh Fran, How absolutely beautiful. Here I go crying again!
    Bless you!



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