Chris and Christine’s Wedding!

Chris and Christine got married on August 6 in Salisbury, Maryland.  It was an outdoor wedding at a gorgeous vineyard on  Chesapeake Bay. It was a beautiful wedding and it was wonderful to be with my family (many of whom came in from out of town) on this joyful occasion, my niece’s wedding!   I have included a slide show and below you will also find  the love poem I chose and read at the wedding.

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~ Spiritual Love ~
“The Wedding Vow”
by Rebecca W.

You are not the air that I breathe,
You are the sweet scent that drifts upon it
You are not the sounds that I hear,
You are the music of my life
You are not the food that I need,
You are the nourishment of my soul
You are not my will to survive
You are my reason for living
It is with you that I experience the wonders of the world
It is with you that I triumph over the challenges in my path
It is your partnership that will lead me to the fulfillment of my dreams
It is your friendship that guides me as I learn and grow.
It is your patience and wisdom that calms my restless nature
It is through you that I know my true self
I do not take you for granted, I cherish you
I do not need you, I choose you
I choose you today in witness of all the people who love us
I choose you tomorrow in the privacy of our hearts
I choose you in strength and weakness
I choose you in health and in sickness
I choose you in joy and sorrow
I will choose you, over all others,
every day for all the days of my life


3 Responses to “Chris and Christine’s Wedding!”

  1. Nora Brown Says:

    What a beautiful wedding, it was wonderful to be together for this joyous celebration!!


  2. Joe Stapinski Says:

    Great wedding and reception. Glad to see everyone from our family and Chris’s family. Wish we could have taken the beach and ocean back home with us to Indiana.


  3. zina brechbill Says:

    The vineyard in Eden Maryland was a beautiful setting for a beautiful wedding from beginning to end! Thank-you Fran and to all of my family for being there for Christine & Chris’s special day !


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