Yoga on the Beach Retreat at Little Renaissance

Yoga on the Beach 2011

My heart is still beating fast with happiness after last weekend’s wonderful yoga weekend retreat at Little Renaissance.  Six wonderful yogis attended our  Yoga on the Beach Retreat!  How can I describe the weekend? Other than having been treated to beautiful Washington coastal summer weather, we had a really wonderfully diverse group.  It was so much fun to see friendships forge over the weekend.

marykay described the retreat as a time for  “blessed togetherness” and said she felt “rejuvenated” and that she found “a renewed zest for healthy choices and nurturing new friendships.”

Genevieve Phillips  wrote, “This weekend inspired the creative divine spirit within on so many levels.”

I have so many photos to post on this blog.  I believe these photos capture the wonderful spirit of this retreat!

sitting on driftwood: marykay, Marilyn, Alfredo, Matt

Sunshine Yoginis

SISTERS!!! Marilyn and marykay. Marilyn came all the way from Houston, Texas for the retreat!!

Matt and Alfredo!!


Looking out to sea: Marilyn (knit hat created and gifted by Matt) and Alfredo

Flying high in Ocean Shores!

Matt sheds shoes and belt

Lunch time! Feeding heart, soul, and belly.

Grace! (she carries her name well!)

me, Genevieve, and blue sky

A group of chairs on the beach (utkatasana)

On Saturday morning, we woke up to sunshine.  We took my set of beach mats out and did our early morning yoga practice outside!  I will never forget our yoga session on the beach! The loud surf competed with my voice as I guided the group in the yoga practice.  The air was delicious, the sand soft on our knees and easy on our feet.  The seagulls and the waves became our meditative music!  We were lucky to have Rick take these photos of us doing yoga on the beach!

Reaching for the sky and Long Shadows

Warrior II

Revolved side angle pose

Breathing in the cleanest and freshest air in the world!

Horse pose

Pair work


There were thousands of sandpipers on the beach and they gave us the best flying air show ever.  The put the Blue Angels to shame!  Nothing compares to their speed, precision, skill, intuition, sensitivity, and artistry in flying in perfect unison by the thousands.  They flew in circles around us., one group converging on another, overlapping, and coming out in perfect formation.  The sandpipers were fascinating and captured our full attention.


written by marykay  (10nov86)

Little rick-rack
give notice the
sandpiers are
at hand

Zipped to the curve of the tide
they scurry to and fro
with nervous little steps
and poke busy beaks
in the sand for supper

But at the first
surprise splash
they take flight in a flash

no staying for a bath

Yoga on the Beach Retreat August 2011!


4 Responses to “Yoga on the Beach Retreat at Little Renaissance”

  1. grace Says:

    Yay!! This is a great documentation of our time together. This is my first retreat, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I honestly gained so much! My spirit is enriched, and I feel a sense of abundance all around. Thanks Fran for helping us ‘re-set’ and ‘re-charge’!


  2. kay Says:

    I love Mary Kay’s poem!
    i think once you’ve been to an ocean shores retreat, you are forever linked to all those who attended before and after. a large family you are gathering, Fran!


  3. frangallo Says:

    Kay, I never thought about all those who are forever linked by the ocean shores yoga retreats! a big family indeed! love, fran


  4. Ingrid Ferris-Olszewsky Says:

    What wonderful images of happy human!
    And you had such gorgeous weather!
    I want to book a weekend!


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