Yoga in the Park

Summer after summer, I excitedly await Yoga in the Park.  The classes take place weekly on Tuesdays in June, July, and August.  Every year, right around April or May, I send out an enticing reminder that the fun is about to begin.  There are actually people whom I only see during those summer months at the Yoga in the Park classes.   Perhaps after practicing yoga outdoors, it is simply too confining to return to four walls and a boring level floor.

This summer was an especially cool summer, so week after week, many showed up with a few extra layers on.  They arrive with big smiles on their faces.  It makes me happy just writing about it. What could be more exciting than doing yoga outside, breathing in the summer season, returning to the simplicity and playfulness of childhood, finding your special spot in the shade under the big leafy trees or in the full sunshine where your tensions seem to melt off your back with the heat of the sun?  Is there a sound more beautiful than that of birdsong and wind rustling through the leaves?  There is nothing like Yoga in the Park.

The sessions in the park are well attended and really, a lot of fun.  Our circle is graced with new and seasoned yogis, delightful children (Harmony, Adelaide, and Sofie to name a few!), sweet dogs (Lily, Annie, Murphy, and from last year, our sweet Gus), butterflies (they seem to hover around our circle!), and one cat who adopted us and occasionally comes around to stay for class.  I love reaching my arms up to the sky (literally, the sky!), and taking in deep breaths and smelling grass, the summer air.

We punctuate the summer season with a potluck!  Our last class for this season 2011 was on Tuesday and everyone brought wonderful dishes (and wine and fruit) to share with the group.  Larry placed an exclamation mark on the meal with his sweet contribution:  cherry pie  (that was cherry, wasn’t it???  It seemed to disappear before my very eyes.) and ice cream!  Not surprising, there were no leftovers.

Until next June, Meridian Park in Wallingford will miss our OMs and the group of smiling yogis twisting and turning, stretching and relaxing, working hard and enjoying the simpler side of life. Many thanks to all of you who make Yoga in the Park such a unique yoga experience!  And until next summer….

Enjoy the photos.

Joe, Dayna, and Lisa in Tree Pose

Meridian Park is full of TREES! (Denise, Brooke, and Rene)


Children of the Earth

Annie protecting Simone, Don, and all of us from squirrels

Potluck in the Park (after yoga)

Peyton and Denise!

Flower given to me by Brooke

Larry (as in cherry pie)

Hungry after YOGA!

From a previous week, drop-in yoga cat (cat photos by Kristin, from her phone)

Kristin in Uttansana with Cat



4 Responses to “Yoga in the Park”

  1. Nikoel Says:

    That last one cracked me up!


  2. frangallo Says:

    Nikoel, I know!! We were saying, “Oh, where’s the camera??? Check this cat out. The cat just basically took over Kristin’s mat.


  3. Lynanne Struss Says:

    Oh Fran! These make me miss you and yoga in the park so much! We were basically traveling all summer with the kids (except for the rainy beginning days of summer), and I missed yoga! Will definitely be there for some sunny evenings next summer. xoxo


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