Kendall Katwalk!

It was a good weekend.  Back in Merrillville, Indiana, my 30+1 high school reunion took place this very weekend.  (Yes, you did read that correctly: I am part of the graduating class of 1980)  I so wanted to go to reconnect with my friends, most of whom I have not seen since graduating from Andrean High School.   And I had planned on attending the reunion, but losing Jeanie has taken a big toll on me emotionally and every time I went to book my flight for Chicago, I could not bring myself to do it.  I finally realized that  I was not ready to go back to Indiana again so soon after Jeanie’s funeral.   Meanwhile, I have enjoyed the reunion vicariously via facebook where so many of  my classmates’ photos from the reunion are posted.  It is so fun to see how vibrant, beautiful, and happy my high school friends are!

I went on the Kendall Katwalk hike today with Leslie!  This hike and my time with Leslie were just what my spirit needed! The trail is near the popular Snow Lake Trail, just off Exit 52,  only 52 miles from Seattle.  The Kendall Katwalk is a heart pumping hike with a cumulative elevation gain of 4,200 ft, and we loved every second of it.  Thank you, Doug, for inspiring us to go on this hike!   The day was lightly overcast to start with and the 2 hour-plus hike IN and UP was done in perfect weather.  By contrast, the 2 hour hike OUT was done in spritzy rain that simply frizzed my hair and moisturized my face.  The trail passes a variety of terrain and offers great views.  The Kendall Katwalk is part of the Pacific Crest Trail which runs from Canada to Mexico!  When we got to the Katwalk, we found some great flat slabs of rock where we sat and had our lunch.  Apparently,  while we were having lunch, there was a bear grazing on blueberries down below in the meadow, though we never saw him.  Some other hikers got photos of him.  Even though we didn’t see him, it was thrilling and adrenaline producing just to hear about him!!  We hiked a total of 11 miles today and I feel great!  Here are some photos from today’s adventure:



Leslie Snuggled in Tree

Fran Snuggled in Tree (scary: same pose and same hiking pants as least the boots are different!)

Wonderful view from today's hike

Breathtaking! Our lunch spot.

The Kendall Katwalk Trail!


One Response to “Kendall Katwalk!”

  1. Doug Holman Says:

    Glad you made the hike before the weather turns. Looks like you had a good hike. Just did it again on Thursday with a friend.


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