The Fabulous Lisa Fox at Tula’s Jazz Club

Busy day yesterday!  I woke up well before dawn, taught my heart out, went back to Seattle Athletic Club in the afternoon and took part in a photo shoot for their brochure, went home for a little while (crawled into bed and read for an hour!), and went back downtown to hear the Fabulous Lisa Fox sing at Tula’s Jazz Club.  It was a great day!!!  Glad I got to sleep in this morning!  Here are some photos from yesterday:

Immortalized by the Seattle Athletic Club photo shoot (doing the photo shoot was actually EXHAUSTING for me!)

Our really cool group of yogis (some SAC members posing for the brochure)

Finished! A good job well done!!

Oops! Meant to write Thursday night above...Lisa Fox sings at Tula's Jazz Club downtown Seattle!

And here is Lisa on YouTube (filmed at an earlier date):  Lisa sings on YouTube

And after sleeping in this morning, Rick and I took a leisurely walk down our steep Phinney Hill, had coffee, and walked around some more along the canal, admiring the first hints of autumn!  We have had fairly mild weather and so the trees have been very slow to change to their brilliant autumn colors.  Here is a collage of photos from this morning’s walk. I wanted to capture the colorful houses on Phinney Hill.

Phinney Hill walk this morning: Autumn is HERE!


One Response to “The Fabulous Lisa Fox at Tula’s Jazz Club”

  1. kay Says:

    i’d say you had a pretty delightful couple of days! keep up the good work!


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