Day on Bainbridge Island

A few weeks ago, on September 30th, I had a reunion with some of the participants from last summer’s Yoga on the Beach Retreat.  It was a very special reunion in that I went over to Bainbridge Island to see Genevieve’s (and Elizabeth’s) beautiful home and garden.   We went wild mushroom hunting in a secret spot in a forest, met Genevieve’s  charming boyfriend who is a fisherman in Alaska, enjoyed his smoked salmon, went on a sunset hike though a forest to Gazzam Lake where we did yoga amongst the trees, gathered organic food from the garden, cooked together, and basically enjoyed a wonderful time with some dynamic women and fellow yoginis!  Here is the day and evening outing in photos:

Christine reaches for a chanterelle in the forest! I have been sworn to secrecy as to where this forest is!

On the trail in search of chanterelles!

Chanterelles, cleaned and ready for roasting

Freshly picked Pears and Greens

Alaskan smoked salmon!

Gazzam Lake Trail

Genevieve doing Yoga in the Forest!

Christine stretching her legs in the Forest

Grace: Brooklyn meets Forest

Yoga in the Forest

Hiking boots/Trail shoes and Yoginis Unite

Fran and Genevieve playfully do yoga in the forest: Navasana

Enchanted by the Forest: Grace (recently moved to the Pacific Northwest from New York City!)

Christine: Eagle in Forest

Eagles trying to balance on uneven forested earth

Muscles! Gigantic Roasting Pan filled to the brim with veggies

Doesn't get any fresher than this: Garden Salad with edible nasturtiums

The apple and blueberry cobbler we never got to taste! ;-( We suddenly realized how late it was and we had to dash to catch a late night ferry back to Seattle, foregoing this lovely cobbler!


3 Responses to “Day on Bainbridge Island”

  1. Christine Barmes Says:

    These are great photos Fran! Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. grace Says:

    Thank you!!! Wonderful photos, I leveraged a couple for FB – and tagged some of you. Hope that it’s okay!! xo, grace


  3. Genevieve Phillips Says:

    Thank you so much Fran-you brought back the magic of that fabulous day!! Look forward to future Bainbridge retreats:) xoxoGenevieve


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