Mother Stone

Today was my mother-in-law’s birthday, so Rick chose this day to spread some of her ashes around the Mother Stone.

As he spread her ashes, I thought how her strength, grace, and deep intelligence would forever saturate our lives.

I thought about how our soil and garden would be forever enriched by the ashes of this giving mother.

I thought about how Pat’s ashes would forever grace our home and strengthen our concept of creating a sanctuary for all living beings here at Little Renaissance in Ocean Shores, Washington.

Here is a very short beautiful slide show, a meditation of sorts.  Turn on your speakers:

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3 Responses to “Mother Stone”

  1. Helen Anne Says:

    Thank you for sharing such a personal journey with us. I like the idea of our loved ones being near us not only in spirit but in the soil of our gardens. I spread some of my father’s ashes at the base of a tree in our garden in Ireland when my fathers passed away this past Spring. His brother had planted the tree, then he passed away suddenly last year. My father was devastated. Unknowingly, my cousins also spread their father’s ashes there on Uncle Mike’s 1st year anniversary. Now both brothers will always be together in the forever garden.


    • frangallo Says:

      That is so interesting about where you spread your father’s ashes. Yes, our loved ones live on in our lives and in the trees and plants. They become the earth and our environment! That is amazing that your dad and uncle are forever together. Do you have a photo of that garden?


  2. kay Says:

    So honoring and so lovely you shared this with us. thank you!


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