Lazy and Lizardy

Well, I was just reminded by Jane Wright that I am to “get lazy and lizardy” while here in Sayulita!

To achieve this “lazy and lizardy” goal, I am  limiting my email time as much as possible and  posting  very few words on my blog. The photos will have to carry the load of sentiment and warmth!

Have I mentioned that the beach weather is perfect? It’s around 80 during the day and partly cloudy, making for colorful sunsets.  Yes, I am drinking it in!

Sending you warmth and sunshine!

Sayulita Magic

A walk on an isolated beach on the Nayarit Coast (also called Nayarit Riviera)

Mi Amor Ricardo (aka Rick)

True Blue Sky and Palms


2 Responses to “Lazy and Lizardy”

  1. Helen Anne Says:

    You are killing me! It was 29 here in Seattle this morning. I had to scrap ice off my windshield. Have a wonderful holiday Fran. You deserve it.


  2. Nora Says:

    The colors are so vivid, so happy that you’re enjoying your trip and getting some “il dolce far niente” time………

    Weather here not so bad, around 42 today, and no snow in the forecast, I’ll take that.

    Lots of holiday cooking for me today, oh the wonderful smells of Christmas! Love,nora


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