Bengal Kitties

Yesterday, after teaching one early morning class at St. Joe’s, I took off for Santa Barbara with my friend, Kathryn.  I helped Kathryn get her gorgeous, gentle, large, exotic spotted Bengal kitties here safely.  This was a much bigger job than either of us could have imagined.  Overall, it went fairly smoothly!   I will only be here until Saturday, and will tell about my adventure here so far via photos.

The roughest part of the trip was having to confine the kitties in the cat carrier and getting them through security at SeaTac! Kathryn and I each hefted one 20 pound kitty onto the airplane. Considering the circumstances, Preston and Hampton were true troopers! Only a few times did they would let out a blood curdling howl from under our seats. During these tense moments, Kathryn and I would look at each other, holding our breath!

The pool here at the house in Santa Barbara. California Dreamin' for real!

Jasmine growing alongside the house. You can almost SMELL the jasmine just by looking at this photo.

Is it really February 2nd? Kathryn has the right idea to try out California living to see if this could possibly become her future home. The sunshine is positively salubrious!

Door Lion

The property owner supplied us with lots of fruit and Kathryn stocked the house with lots of fruit! Flowers, Fruit, and Kitchen

Hampton cuddled with me all night! And he has literally taken over my bed! Both kitties are incredibly sweet and affectionate. I am amazed at how well they have adapted to their new home. Here you can see Hampton's beautiful rosettes on his fur.

Handsome Hampton

Playful Preston

Preston: This could be an advertisement for Santa Barbara tourism.


5 Responses to “Bengal Kitties”

  1. Nancy Regensburg Says:

    You do get around! I love Santa Barbara. I use to live in La Jolla
    for about 12 years before moving to Seattle. beautiful where you are and Preston and Hampton are exquisitc……LOVE the names


    • frangallo Says:

      The rental house is in the Riviera area of Santa Barbara. Wow! Yes, and their names are so Ivy League, don’t you think? And prestigious! Ah, as I write, Hampton (who is very flirtatious with me!) is rubbing against my lap top and he just licked my arm!


  2. Helen Anne Says:

    I love the photo of them in their carriers. They look very focused on what is happening. I have interacted with this breed before. One of my catering clients had one. He was fed real meat for dinner! They are very unique. Definitely not your typical house cat.


  3. frangallo Says:

    No, definitely not your typical house cat!! They are ever so interactive, a lot like puppies, and a ton of fun!


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