Sunny Superbowl Sunday in Seattle

I got back to Seattle yesterday evening with enough time to make my way back home from the airport using Shuttle Express, time to unpack, and watch a movie (The Girl on the Train).

On my last day in Santa Barbara yesterday,  I played The Feather Game with the kitties once more. I am going to miss those little guys.  The rumor is true: Bengal kitties are like dogs!  They follow you around and make you feel as if you are the most remarkable person on earth.  They are quite social, crave loads of attention, rub up against you and nearly knock you down in their quest to love and be loved.  Preston even plays fetch (with Q-Tips)!!!  Here is Preston playing The Feather Game.  This is not a good photo, but it’s the best of many blurry ones taken.  His paws are lightning-quick:

Quick-Twitch Preston

At 11 am, Rick’s brother Dana and his wife Chevaun, came to pick me up.  They live in the Santa Barbara area and both work in downtown Santa Barbara.  (Rick, Geoff, Ruth, and Dana were born in Santa Barbara.)  After saying goodbye to Kathryn, Dana and Chevaun took me to the Beachside Bar and Cafe Restaurant in Goleta, two minutes away from the brand new Santa Barbara airport.  We ate outside looking out at the beach.   It was honestly hard to believe this was February 4th.  It was a very pleasant 70 degrees out.  I had a paella dish to die for.  My next endeavor is to learn how to make seafood paella!

I was so happy to be able to spend a few precious hours with Dana and Chevaun!

Chevaun and Dana (Rick's youngest brother)

At the Beachside Cafe

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